Every memorial is special. 
No matter what size or shape, whether fancy or plain, bold or humble,
 every monument has special meaning and significance.

The true importance and value of monuments is
 not a matter of size or style, 
but of those who lives are commemorated
 and what it means to us as we reflect on them 
and remember.

Here we present some photos of monuments in order to show the diversity of style and design that is available to personalize a memorial tribute. They are all monuments we have crafted.  The photos are not grouped or arranged in any manner; to us, every memorial is equally important. 

We also have some close-up photos of Lons memorial art and design work.  These are just a few samples to show how much detail can be etched on granite, and also to demonstrate the wide range memorial art can encompass.  Imagination is the only limit here.

Finally we offer some photos of adornments available to enhance any memorial.  These include fine imported bronze castings, sculptures, flower containers, lamps, urns, and other specialized items.  This is just a sampling….not a catalogue listing.  We have access to literally thousands of items.