Choosing a Company

Choosing a Company

Value is an important consideration in making any purchase. The greatest portion possible of the cost should be devoted to the memorial itself (not expensive advertising, fancy showrooms and offices, extravagant equipment, mortgage payments and inefficiency or wastefulness).  Some companies go to great lengths to try to make an impression.  Who pays these costs?

At the other extreme is a company which is geared solely for maximizing profit.  Cheap materials, inadequate investment in equipment, rushed production, poor working conditions,inexperienced, uncaring employees, and minimal customer care all add up to little satisfaction for anyone.

Ideally, the best choice of company would be one with a sensible investment in equipment (not squandered on lavish premises) that has been in business for a great number of years with the same employees. This implies a lot:  1/ good business practices, [price, quality and service], 2/ good equipment and working conditions 3/ employees who are very experienced and  4/ are interested in what they do, 5/ debt-free operation -better prices and value for the money spent.

Of course,you should also expect to receive the very best personal attention and respect. This is most likely to be found in a modestly sized firm where every employee is directly involved in many aspects of the company’s operation –and ultimate success. 

At Lons, we each do our personal best to make sure that our clients are pleased with the service, our workmanship, and with us!  We also know what a nice feeling it is to be appreciated .