Choosing a Monument

Cost is an important first consideration for most of us in any purchase. Never spend more than you feel you should. A big financial responsibility may be tolerable if a large, complex  monument is absolutely what is desired, but normally, being comfortable with the amount to be spent helps to make the purchase more appreciable.  Remember always that the significance of a memorial is not a matter of size.


For a permanent memorial, granite is without question the best choice of material.  It is hard, heavy, durable and elegant.  Although naturally occurring granite stones or boulders can be used, most monuments are crafted from specially quarried granite of known ["monument grade"] quality; free of faults, voids, deleterious minerals. 


In choosing a monument, it is important to be aware of any cemetery regulations and possible future interments (or cremations) that might affect monument design.  Listed below are the basic design considerations:

 Fortunately, it is not necessary to be overly concerned about all these items.  Most decisions are made almost intuitively during the course of designing a monument  We list them all individually here simply to serve as a reference to additional information.



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