Choosing a Cemetery

Often, the choice of cemetery must be made quickly and in difficult circumstances.  This can be a simple decision if based on family connections, location, or trusted advice.  Sometimes, however, there is little opportunity to make a truly informed choice at the time resulting in doubts or even feelings of regret afterwards.  If this is the case, there should be some consolation in knowing that it was the best or only decision then available, and that also, every cemetery is a very special place.

If there is no urgency to choose a cemetery, a little prior research might prove both interesting and satisfying.  Since we at Lons are familiar with so many cemeteries, we thought it might be helpful to suggest some things to consider or be aware of.  However, sometimes a certain cemetery just seems right and there is nothing that could explain or change that.  

Here are some other items that might be considered: 




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