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Price Differences

"Bargain Hunting"

Advantages of Purchasing "Pre-need"

The price differences among memorials are due mostly to size, colour, and finish. The costs relating to shaping, engraving, delivery set-up and overhead are more general and not the same for every monument, or indeed even the same for identical monuments.  Some companies advertise low prices then add on all sorts of extra charges.  This can be very confusing and probably not very fair. At LONS, the only items that determine our price for a basic monument, completely finished and installed, are size, colour, and finish.  We do NOT charge extra for items such as standard engraving and base, locating,  footings (even if installed/charged by the cemetery), delivery (within 150 kM), installation, warranty etc. These are all a normal part of what we have to do to design, craft, and set up a memorial.          [TOP]

Although the monument industry is still fairly open and competitive, there is little  opportunity to offer real "bargains."  It is likely that  companies claiming big price discounts might have had 'regular' prices not very competitive to begin with.  It is the final price that counts; not the discount. Also, it can be a good idea to ask if there is any granite or memorial in stock on which the monument company might be willing to offer an incentive to sell.  Sometimes a hard-to-sell or one-of-a-kind specimen might be exactly what you are looking for!  Or you might be able to provide your own granite "stone" if it provides a natural surface suitable for engraving, but you should be aware that most 'stones' are not suitable for monuments due to composition or minute fault lines.  The folks at Lons will be happy to offer you the benefit of their experience at no charge.  Occasionally, we are able to obtain some quality natural specimens for stock.          [TOP]

Reasons to Purchase a Monument Before Need:

Increasingly, people are choosing to purchase their own monument before the need arises.

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