Lons at Work


LONS has produced many thousands of monuments over the years, so choosing just a few to show here was not easy.  Our selection includes a wide range of style and value, but it is only a sampling offered to provide an idea of what is possible.  At our showroom in Belleville, we have dozens of different types of granite monuments on display as well as popular adornments in bronze, marble and ceramic. Also on hand are hundreds more photos of monuments we have crafted plus catalogues of thousands of designs, engravings, and accessories.  Along with our many years of design experience you can be assured of having all the information and guidance required to decide on a monument that is exactly right. 


Part of our responsibility as monument manufacturer is to be able to accommodate special requests or needs and we can readily provide the information and solutions our clients need. Custom-designed memorials are not unusual at all for us and the photo selection will reflect this. 

We also have a small sampling of photos of Lons at Work for those who might be interested. 

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