buyers checklist

Here are some important considerations to made when purchasing a monument:

1/     Does the size and type of monument conform with cemetery regulations? (LONS can assist you with this).

2/     Are names on the monument placed in correct order or on the correct sides? (Do they correspond to the location or order of the graves?)

3/     Is there space for future dates and lettering, if required?

4/     Should the Family Name be inscribed on the back of the monument for greater visibility in locating it in the cemetery?

5/     Are corner posts or foot-markers required to help mark the plot and interments?

6/     What about flowers and accessories? Is there a vase or place for potted flowers? Would a flower saddle or post be desirable?  Alternately, consider statuary, ceramic photo discs, bronze ornamentation, lamps or candle candle enclosures.

7/     After the order is signed: Check the arrangement of the inscription and every character of spelling and dates  on the order VERY CAREFULLY.  Notify the memorial company at once if you find an error or anything else that might not be clear.

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